be enough to fully replace his production

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be enough to fully replace his production

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NEW YORK (AP) — The toughest opponent for many NFL players and coaches during the blazing hot days of training camp sits far above the football field.The sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays are a leading cause of skin cancer Womens Zach Zenner Jersey , and shade is rare at most practice sites. So, slathered-on sunscreen, big bucket hats, long-sleeved T-shirts and slick sunglasses serve as lead blockers.“I do it regularly, being red-haired with freckles, Irish heritage,” Dolphins offensive tackle Sam Young said of using sunscreen. “I go to a dermatologist once a year to make sure everything is good.”Young doubles up on the protection by also wearing long sleeves during practice, despite steamy conditions that are more suited for lounging at the beach than playing on a football field.“To me, it’s not worth the risk,” said Young, who grew up in South Florida and has family members who have had skin cancer. “I try to be as practical as I can about it. Sleeves mean one less thing to have to worry about.”And, there are plenty of concerns for those who spend so many hours on sun-splashed fields.Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. The organization estimates there will be 5.4 million new cases of non-melanoma this year among 3.3 million people, and 91,270 new cases of melanoma — a more serious and aggressive form of skin cancer. Melanoma is usually curable, however, when detected in its early stages.The NFL and American Cancer Society teamed up this summer to launch an initiative as part of its “Crucial Catch” campaign in which free sunscreen is being provided to players, coaches, fans, team employees and media at camps around the country. Some sites — such as at Jets and Giants camp — have several receptacles where people can get sunscreen from a dispenser, while packets of lotion are being handed out at others.“One of the things we try do here that we haven’t done before (is) to look at the skin cancer part of it,” first-year Lions coach Matt Patricia said, “and see if there’s anything you have questions about as a person, ‘Hey, this doesn’t look right Kenny Golladay Jersey White ,’ or, ‘What do you think about this?'”Falcons coach Dan Quinn said he’s had a spot “removed or checked on” in annual skin cancer checks during physical exams. He and some of his assistants normally wear long shirts under their T-shirts during practice — despite the Georgia heat and humidity.“We all remind one another,” Quinn said. “For the players and for the coaches, we always have the lotion that we need or the spray to use. They’re pretty mindful.”Well, some are.Plenty of players acknowledge they often hit the field focused more on picking up blocks than putting on sunblock.“I probably should, but I’m just too lazy,” said Washington rookie wide receiver Trey Quinn, who was “Mr. Irrelevant” as the last player selected in this year’s draft. “Hopefully my mom doesn’t see this. She’d probably recommend with my pale skin to wear a little sunscreen, but it’s available to us and it’s up to us to be adults and make decisions for ourselves.”Most players and coaches don’t usually reapply sunscreen during practice, although the American Cancer Society recommends doing so after two hours in the sun.Jets defensive end Henry Anderson usually remembers to put lotion on his arms before practice — not that it stays on long.“Sometimes, I’ll get a little red because O-linemen are rubbing your arms and rubbing your skin and stuff,” he said. “I guess it does the job. I still get kind of burned here and there, but I just don’t really want to wear sleeves out to practice in this weather.”The American Cancer Society says the lifetime risk of melanoma is higher for people who are white, especially those with fair skin that freckles or burns easily. But people of all skin colors are vulnerable, and sun damage can occur at any time of year.Broncos linebacker Justin Simmons, who is black, recently wore tights and a long-sleeve shirt while practicing in the elevated altitude of Colorado. He also regularly wears sunscreen.“When you’re out here, yeah, you have to,” Simmons said. “I just tan easy — very rarely does my skin break. But you have to put it on. You’re so much closer to the sun. It may feel a little bit more humid, like where I’m from in South Florida, and may not feel as humid here. But you’re so much closer and the sun is beaming on you.“You have to protect your skin.”Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, Texans owner Bob McNair and Jaguars coach Doug Marrone are among some in the NFL community who have been successfully treated for melanomas.But there have also been several who have been devastated by skin cancer, including former Steelers coach Bill Cowher, who lost his wife Kaye to melanoma in 2010. Former NFL assistant coach Jim Johnson died from that form of cancer in 2009 Womens Kenny Golladay Jersey , while former coach Buddy Ryan and former NFL player and coach Jack Pardee also dealt with it.“Down in Houston with Mr. McNair, he would always remind us, ‘Hey, make sure you put sunscreen on. It’s important,'” said Titans coach Mike Vrabel, a Texans assistant the past four seasons. “It’s something that he went through, and as you’re out there every single day, just being conscious of it.”Vrabel’s quarterback certainly is. Marcus Mariota grew up in Hawaii, so he’s used to sunny days.He doesn’t use sunscreen, but wears a long-sleeved hoodie at practice, something he started doing last year.“But today was a steamer,” Mariota said recently. “I did consider putting on sunscreen. It’s just slippery and messy. I’m not a big fan.”That’s a common sentiment among players, particularly in the heat and humidity of training camp.“I don’t like doing it,” Giants backup quarterback Davis Webb said. “I don’t want it slipping on my hands, so I am not putting it on at practice. When I golf or I’m at the beach, I like to throw it on.”Dolphins rookie kicker Jason Sanders grew up in sunny Orange County, California, but is using sunscreen this summer for the first time in his football career.“I get my upper arms to prevent the farmer’s tan, and my neck, too,” he said. “I get it on my ears and neck, but stay away from my face because I sweat a lot out here. I would say two out of three days I put sunscreen on. Some days when I kick, I don’t want to be all lathered up. You can feel it when you’re sweating this much. I don’t want to get it anywhere near my eyes.”Just as long as it gets on every other exposed area.Between blocks and screens, NFL players and coaches are doing everything under the sun to protect themselves.“I think we can always get more information on all of that topic in general,” Patricia said. “But (it’s) something we have to be conscious about when we’re out in the sun that long.” The Detroit Lions shocked the NFL when they dealt veteran receiver Golden Tate to the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday. Detroit lost one of the most productive receivers the NFL has seen in recent memory in the deal and finding a replacement for him may not be easy.Tate had caught over 90 passes in each of his previous four seasons in the Motor City and was on pace to comfortably reach the mark again in 2018. The loss of the team’s most productive receiver creates a huge vacuum in the offense that someone will have to fill. “The biggest thing for me is just moving forward with what we got ... ton-jersey ,”said Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford when asked about what the plan is going forward after the trade.Stafford has not had to play a game without his trusted slot receiver since Tate arrived in 2014. Every year Tate was in Detroit he accounted for around one-fourth of the Stafford’s total targets. Now the quarterback will have to find a way to distribute those targets elsewhere.“I got a bunch of confidence in those guys, and everyone in our locker room has a bunch of confidence in those guys,” Stafford said of the remaining receivers.One obvious replacement for Tate already in the locker room is wide receiver TJ Jones. The receiver was selected in the sixth round by the Lions in 2014 and has been bouncing back and forth between the fringes of the roster and having a real role in the offense. 2017 was his best year to date—catching 30 passes for 49 targets—but his role has been marginalized this season with the emergence of Kenny Golladay. Nearly halfway through the season, Jones has only been targeted by Stafford six times. He has caught three of those targets for 36 yards. Stafford thinks those numbers will be much higher in the second half of the season. “TJ is a savvy guy. He has got a lot of great feel. He’s a smart guy. He’s a good blocker,” Stafford said of his receiver, “[He] does everything you’d want.”“He and [Brandon Powell] give us a really good element inside,” he added. Rookie undrafted free agent Brandon Powell is another option for the Lions to replace Tate in the slot. The former Florida Gator was active for the first time in his NFL career last week against the Seahawks. While he did not catch a pass, it does show the coach’s increasing trust in the preseason standout.Both Jones and Powell have skill sets that make them ideal slot receivers. Neither are anywhere near the caliber of player Tate is, though, and it is hard to imagine that even their combined efforts will be enough to fully replace his production. Stafford realizes this, saying “I think everybody” is responsible for replacing Tate. “I don’t think it’s one man’s job to step in,” the quarterback added.This is not the first time Stafford has had to make up for the loss of his favorite target. In 2015, Calvin Johnson, arguably the most productive receiver in NFL history, retired suddenly at the age of 30. The receiver was still very much in his prime as he eclipsed 1,200 receiving yards in his final season. A combination of Tate, Jones, Marvin Jones Jr. and Anquan Boldin were responsible for making up the production at the time. Stafford does not think it will be any different this time around. “Losing Calvin, it wasn’t one person’s job to come in here and try and duplicate what he does,” Stafford said. “It’s just on everybody.”Detroit does not have much time to figure out how keep the offense afloat sans Tate. They play a pivotal match up against the Minnesota Vikings this week. At 3-4, another loss this early will put their season on life support. The quarterback is still confident going forward, though.“I still think we can be very successful in what we want to do.”

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Re: be enough to fully replace his production

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